Todd Reid [jazz, drums, cymbals, teaching, etc.]

Image rotatorYou have stumbled into Todd Reid's world of musical explorations, jazz improvisations and rhythmic palpatations. Feel free to look around and explore the sights, sounds, schedule and all the other areas that this site has to offer. Really, it's all good!

To find out where I'm playing next, click the gigs link. I try to keep it current, so come back often. I work with a number of groups, from Wil Swindler's Elevenet, Lannie Garrett, Purnell Steen, Dan Schwindt, and a host of others.

If you'd like to hear some samples of recordings that I've done, click the Sounds dropdown and choose the bytes link. This will show you some of the different artists that I've recorded with.

I really enjoy teaching and, as a drummer, I've found that it helps me play the drums better. Check out my teaching page, as I share things that folks have passed on to me over the years. Good resources here for you!

Below, I have a blog that includes all kinds of current events, things that interest me, new gear that I've discovered, etc.

Thanks for coming by and please, come back often!

God bless you,


Here is video from our February 13, 2014 Electronicatopia III Concert...enjoy!
The makers of a few of my favorite tools as a drummer have brought me into their family...
Al Hood & Dave Hanson teamed together to record a big band...all I can say is WOW!
Yes, I know, it's "The Day the Music Died"...but, it also has other musical significance. Read on...
I am humbled by a very nice interview by Matt Hains over at