I've Been Adopted!

The makers of a few of my favorite tools as a drummer have brought me into their family...

What I mean is that I am now a proud endorser of both Aquarian drumhead products and Vic Firth sticks, brushes, mallets, etc.

As a university educator, I'm in a unique position to be a visible representative to my students for these companies and their products. I personally wouldn't think of using any other heads on my drums than Aquarian, and I certainly won't use any other sticks than Vic Firth...quality all the way!

I use a few different heads from Aquarian: Modern Vintage (a coated head that come in both 1 and 2-ply versions and looks and sounds warm like a calfskin head); I also have the Studio-X and Focus-X on one of my sets for a more modern sound

I use Vic Firth's SD-11 Slammer sticks, great weight and balance with a large acorn tip, great for the cymbals! I also use the Heritage & Legacy brushes, and am looking forward to trying out a few more of their great products.